7th Mediterranean Chess Champ.
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Press Release #3 - 26.06.2004

Present for the meeting held at Al Mahary Hotel, Tripoli, Libya on Saturday 26th June 2004

Eng. Mohammad Al Gathafi, President – Mediterranean Chess Association
Mr Ali Nihat Yazici, Deputy President – Mediterranean Chess Association
Mr Geoffrey D Borg, General Secretary – Mediterranean Chess Association

Invitees :

Mr George Makropoulos (Greece) – FIDE Deputy President
Mr Boris Kutin (Slovenia) – Continental President, Europe
Mr Nizar Elhaj (Libya) – Continental President, Africa

World Chess Championship, Tripoli, Libya

The MCA Board thanked Eng Mohammad Al Gathafi, the Libyan Olympic Committee, the Libyan Chess
Federation and all the sponsors for the organization of the WCC in Tripoli, Libya. The tournament was
of the highest standards and the coverage had been excellent all over the world. The network server and
 hosting provided by the organizers was excellent and this had permitted the FIDE Press office to
upload much more information than was normally usual. Everybody had performed at the highest
levels possible and the tournament was a public relations platform for the organization of future events.
There had been an average of 37,000 unique hits per day over the last few days and over 17 million
requests per day. There was no doubt that Libya had carried out the organization with the highest
degree of hospitality and professionalism.

Boys & Girls Junior Championship in Kozan, Adana in Turkey

The tournament will be held between the 19th of August 2004 and 28th of August 2004 in

Kozan in the province of Adana, Turkey. Copies of the tournament regulations

are available through the FIDE website or on the MCA website http://www.medchess.com/

MCA Men & Women Championships

The MCA individual championships will be organized in late November along with the

Balkan Championships in Istanbul. More details of this tournament will be provided

over the next few months.

MCA Internet Championship

The MCA Board agreed to investigate the possibility of organizing the 1st MCA
Internet Blitz Championships. More information about this tournament will be made
available through the MCA site.

MCA Meeting, Calvia – Mallorca, October 2004

The MCA have agreed to meet in Calvia and FIDE have allocated the  27th of
October 2004 at 5.00pm for the Association meeting.

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